Our Philosophy

Over time, our success will be measured by the success of the business owners and 
management teams that we back and the value that we create together.

At the core of IMB Partners’ model is our passion for Partnerships and People. Before investing in a company, we feel that it is our job to listen to the vision of the business owners and their management teams to determine if we can support their vision and add value. We are here to build lasting legacies with teams that respect each other, share a mutual vision, and have strong cultural alignment.

Life is too short – our goal is to do some good with people we like while having some fun along the way. 

We aim to provide value-added capabilities and processes that facilitate sales growth and create efficiencies within a business.

We value nimbleness and try to be a thoughtful partner that helps you to steer the ship through good times and bad (hoping we will have significantly more good times than bad). Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us and we will not force our agenda on you.


                          Our success  is measured                         by the success of those we back 

At the intersection of our culture, core values, and investment strategy is YOU. We cannot build
great businesses without you which is why we value your partnership first and foremost.


Developing a shared vision is vital to achieving enduring success.


Responding to the need of our customers builds trust and creates value.


Being intentional about diversity and inclusion fosters a stronger leadership team, workforce, and community.

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