Our Philosophy

Our long-term investment strategy is based on cultivating meaningful relationships with the
intermediaries and advisors that represent our potential partners.

Intermediaries are a critical part of IMB Partners’ investment strategy. We seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with investment banks, business brokers, advisors, and buyside search professionals. We view you as an extension of the business owners, management teams, and employees of our potential partner firms.

The insights from intermediaries facilitate a smoother transaction experience and a better understanding of the objectives of all parties. The better you know us, the better you can advise your client on whether a partnership with IMB Partners makes sense. Our Intermediary Code of Conduct defines the principles we use to build committed, trusted relationships.

Our strategy is based on
cultivating meaningful

Intermediary Code of Conduct


Timely feedback


Thoughtful, respectful, and open communication


Transparency and creativity


Efficient and organized process


Fairness and opportunity for all parties

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