PE Marketing Gets Personal

December 14, 2022

Excerpt from Middle Market Growth Article featuring Farrah Holder:

December 14, 2022 – 4 Deal Sourcing Trends Shaping 2023
From the types of deals in demand to how they’re sourced, here are four themes to watch in 2023.
By Carolyn Vallejo, Anastasia Donde, Katie Mulligan and Sue Ter Maat

PE Marketing Gets Personal

Over the last decade, PE firms upped their marketing efforts to stand out. They’ve realized that marketing is a potent business development tool, not just a nice-to-have addition to the firm.

“The private equity industry is evolving from mainly having one-to-one business development activities to incorporating marketing, which is a one-to-many activity that supplements and enhances business development and brand building,” says Farrah Holder, managing director of business development at Bethesda, Maryland-based IMB Partners.

One of the newer frontiers in digital marketing for private equity is the use of video and podcasts to build a firm’s brand and cement its thought leadership, says Ryan Parker, chief marketing officer and head of brand at Trivest Partners. While a lot of other businesses pushed into video and audio content marketing, private equity firms would do well to consider moving in this direction, he says.

Holder agrees, saying that video, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn, can help personalize private equity firms. It also helps with initial meetings, since people feel like they know someone a little more when they’ve seen them on video, she says.

“Incorporating video content on your website or within your LinkedIn tends to elicit higher engagement,” Holder says. “Both written posts and video posts can perform well, but people enjoy the imagery of videos where they can see a personality in action versus imagining who or what it is.”

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4 Deal Sourcing Trends Shaping 2023 | Middle Market Growth

PE Marketing Gets Personal
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